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NPI Customer Support handles all aspects of your equipment and software needs, including:


Unless you have an alternative agreement in your sales contract or you have purchased a used NPI sorter, an NPI equipment purchase includes a One-Year Non-Consumable Parts Warranty and a 90-Day Labor Warranty.

One Year Non-Consumable Parts Warranty
90-Day Labor Warranty
Consumable Parts Are Not Under Warranty
Site Spares Kits Are Recommended

For more information about extended warranties and/or spares kits, contact your NPI Sales Representative or the NPI Customer Support Manager.

Support Options

Machine acceptance initiates the one-year non-consumable parts warranty and the 90 day labor warranty at “no charge” to you.  After the warranty expires, you can choose from several support options, including:

Phone Support
Phone Support Service Contracts
Standard Support

On-Site Support
On-Site Service Support Team
Remote Access
Parts Ordering
Customer Training

Maintenance and operator training is provided at no cost for new equipment purchases. This training includes:

Maintenance Training
Operator Training

Optional training includes the following:

Operations Training
Advanced/Specialized Training
Remedial Training

For more information about training, a training syllabus, or pricing, contact your NPI Sales Representative or the NPI Customer Service Manager.