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Move Update for Flats

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NPI has worked hard, collaborated with industry vendors, and took the initiative with the USPS for the allowance of move updates on flats. This has resulted in USPS regulation changes that will allow for two IMBs on a flat. With this rule change, our customers can now respray an IMB and include a COA if needed. The Change of Address (COA) information can now be printed on a flat, even if applying a second IMB on the flat. This rule

Workers loading pneumatic canisters for postal tubes

The Postal Service Goes Underground

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Below is an excerpt from the Smithsonian National Postal Museum Blog, “Pushing the Envelope” where Historian and Curator Nancy Pope describes how the postal service transferred mail: America’s postal service went underground 120 years ago today. No, it wasn’t on the run or trying to be a 19th century “hipster.” It was the first US postal use of a series of underground pneumatic tubes, using six-inch iron water pipes to carry mail underground between post offices and railway stations. Powered