About NPI

NPI has been designing leading-edge mail sorters for over 35 years, with over 1,000 machines installed worldwide. NPI sets the standard for affordable, high quality, low maintenance machines, while meeting the highest expectations in automated mail sorting with the industry’s most compact design. Our exclusive technology can be configured into a number of modular designs to meet specific customer requirements for labor, floor space and cost. NPI sorters are also equipped with the most advanced software-based readers in the industry: our Electrovision OCR and Omni-Directional BCR run with off the-shelf hardware using the latest Pentium processors. New technology upgrades for these readers are both inexpensive and as easy to install as loading a disk.

Mission Statement

To provide technical hardware and software solutions for companies and postal administrations in optimizing their mail processing efficiencies.

Addressing Key Issues

Supported by state of the art software and the highest levels of customer service, NPI provides solutions which will maximize your investment and improve the efficiency and quality of a customer’s operations.

Unique Technological Innovation

NPI has been at the forefront of the developing technology in the mail sorting industry since 1978. Since the earliest days of the first S-4 sorter, NPI has maintained its reputation for unique technological innovation with a series of key breakthroughs. NPI’s patented technologies are designed to address the most important issues in mail sorting today.